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Four Questions to Help Craft Your Website's Narrative

Four Questions to Help Craft Your Website's Narrative

Four Questions to Help Craft Your Website's Narrative

We're big believers in the power of narrative when it comes to web strategy. People buy into stories, not facts. However, getting the ball rolling on shaping that narrative can often be tough. We've found the your following questions great starting points to uncovering how your narrative should be shaped:

Who is coming to your website?
This question looks at the different target audiences that will be coming to your website. It's important to understand these target audiences in as much detail as possible. Defining their demographics, psychographics, technology familiarity, marketing sensitivity, etc. are all helpful ways to better articulate your audience and build a site specific to their needs.

How are they getting there?
This question looks at the different marketing channels we'll be using to drive your target audience to your website. It's important to understand all of the channels we'll be using and think through how the website needs to reflect any of the messaging or offers these channels promote. For example, if we're using a paid search strategy to drive people to the website, we'll want to ensure they're sent to landing pages (as opposed to a blanket homepage) that corresponds to the messaging within those ads.

What are we trying to get them to do once they're there?
This question looks at the goal we're trying to have accomplished by your visitors. This could be an ecommerce transaction, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading a PDF, inquiring about a service, booking an appointment, etc. We'll want to understand what actions we want each of your target audience groups to take and rank them based on priority. Prioritization would rank sales-focused actions, such as an inquiry or ecommerce transaction, above marketing-focused actions, such as subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an ebook.

What is their 'action criteria' (i.e. buying needs, education needs, etc) to drive them towards this action?
This question looks at the 'content' necessary to educate/entice your visitors to take the intended actions. It's helpful to look at this in the form of a narrative that will serve as the navigation/backbone of their experience with the website. There are four key elements in particular that help shape this narrative:

    • Understanding: What does your company do?

    • Trust: What results have you created in the past for other customers?

    • Authority: What proves you can deliver these results?

    • Interest: Why should they care now and take action?

Naturally there is a lot more that goes into crafting the final narrative of your website. However, using the above prompts can be a great way to uncover some of the needs and points of differentiation that will ultimately craft your final website.