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Leveraging The 80/20 Rule For Web Design

Leveraging The 80/20 Rule For Web Design

Leveraging The 80/20 Rule For Web Design

Design projects are not the quickest - that’s something we’ve all come to accept - but because clients are usually under pressure to get things done in a hurry, we’ve learned the importance of expediting whatever components of the process we can.

No good designer wants to sacrifice quality for speed, but there are plenty of instances where the typical designer may overlook a simple solution in favor of a design-heavy option - and this simply isn’t necessary in a lot of cases.

The “80/20 Rule” is a concept applied to many different areas, essentially saying that the majority of results come from the minority of input - think 80% of profits from 20% of customers - so why not apply it to web design?

With this approach to efficiency and cutting the fluff from website design projects, I wrote an article for the Agency Post about why you can do away with 80% of your website. Read the full article here.