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Converting Customer Data to Customer Stories

Converting Customer Data to Customer Stories

Converting Customer Data to Customer Stories

Most businesses, especially those operating solely online, collect and analyze mountains of data on their customers (and sometimes prospective customers too). These metrics, though, in all of their detail about click-throughs, page views, and cart abandonment, can cause business owners and managers to overlook something critical - that it represents real people.

Companies may spend massive time and effort pouring over email marketing statistics to determine the best ways to engage customers or increase traffic to their blog, but are they thinking about that customer’s overall relationship with the company? Are they combining the email data with the purchase history, and merging that with how that customer uses social media? With all of that customer data, is anyone painting a clear picture of the customer as a real live human being?

I recently wrote an article for E-Commerce Times about this very issue, and how to build toward a comprehensive view of a customer’s multifaceted metrics through an e-commerce customer lifecycle platform (ECLP). By aggregating customer data into a central place, companies can develop a much clearer picture of their online customers, and in turn, foster better relationships with them.

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