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We've Partnered with Shopify to Teach You About E-Commerce

We've Partnered with Shopify to Teach You About E-Commerce

We've Partnered with Shopify to Teach You About E-Commerce

We've been using Shopify since 2011 and have been blown away at the progress the platform has made over the past few years! Not only have the emerged as the leading turnkey e-commerce platform on the market, but they've passed 100K shops, recently closed $100 million in venture funding and have continued to release amazing new features such as their POS system.

Since we launched our first client site on Shopify back in 2011, Cocomama Foods, we've been fortunate enough to have held a close relationship to our friends up north (they're based in Toronto). Since then, we've launched many more stores in both the apparel and food space, and are looking forward to continue our use of Shopify.

To even further our excitement, we're proud to announce that we've teamed up directly with Shopify to exclusively teach their upcoming Shopify for Web Designers workshop here in Boston. The workshop will be held on Tuesday June 10th at Workbar and will be a free, four-hour event that will provide a deep-dive into Shopify touching on:

  • Stores - An appreciation of some of the most well known Shopify stores.

  • The platform - A look at the main features of the platform and how the admin functions relate to themes.

  • Themes - A solid look at how a theme is structured as well as an intro to Liquid, the Shopify template language.

  • Advanced theming - Going deeper into Liquid you'll learn how to really customize your themes, for example producing product specific templates and how theme settings can enable your clients to easily customize their site.

  • Resources - A quick whizz round the amazing resources on offer for designers and developers using Shopify, including the theme and app stores.

We'd love to have any of our clients, partners or friends join us for the event! You can read more and register here: