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The Business Case for Thinking Mobile

Ross Beyeler

In today's world it is vital for any modern business leader to be able to respond appropriately to the challenges and opportunities created by rapidly-evolving technology and increased mobility. Both phenomena have elevated the value of our most fluid possessions, which are arguably our smartphones and tablets. It should be no surprise then that in 2013 we are beginning to experience the web in the context of mobile devices more often than on our desktop computers.

In response to this trend, businesses should adapt their web presence to be as comprehensive of a user experience on mobile phones as it is on desktop machines. There are immeasurable opportunities to engage with consumers when most everyone can be reached instantly; when anyone anywhere can purchase a product, and create or consume content. In fact, studies show that Ninety percent of searches from a mobile phone result in a purchase or visit to a business.* Businesses which leverage a context conscious, multi-screen strategy for the burgeoning mobile web will ultimately be more competitive.

How can we better facilitate product and service offerings on the mobile web to support this emerging fluid lifestyle? The solution is responsive web design; an approach to provide optimal user experience through easy reading and navigation, and minimal panning or resizing. Responsive websites adapt the layout to whatever screen the content is viewed by, using fluid, proportion based grids.


By taking advantage of responsive web design, businesses can be in front of their consumers at every screen of their online journey, as consumers often move between devices to achieve a goal. Those who search for your company's website and begin reading content from their desktop can later continue browsing the same content on their smartphones without the burden of distorted images or minuscule text.

The data is clear: In 2013, studies show that half of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from retailers with a mobile-ready website.* As a result, it is paramount to make your presence accessible in every context. An investment in a multiscreen strategy will allow businesses to pull ahead of their competitors by ensuring relevance and resonance with consumers on every screen.

*CMS Solutions, Luth Research

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