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Lessons Learned in Sales at MAB 3.0

Lessons Learned in Sales at MAB 3.0

Lessons Learned in Sales at MAB 3.0

Last night we hosted the third Managing an Agency Business (MAB) event series along with Fresh Tilled Soil (venue sponsor) and WhatArmy (food and beverage sponsor). MAB started in November 2012 as a quarterly event series for Boston-area design, development and marketing agency managers to come together and discuss all aspects of running an agency: sales, marketing, operations, finance, people, etc. What started out as a small group of colleagues in the Boston agency scene has blossomed into a group of well over 60 members.

We were very pleased with the turnout last evening with 30 - 40 people joining us for our panel on sales and business development. On the panel were Kathy O'Leary (Atlantis Technology), Chris Merrill (WhatArmy), Greg Segall (One Pica), Mark Kasdorf (Intrepid Pursuits), Robert Glazer (Acceleration Partners), Sam Dunn (One Mighty Roar) and Dan Allard (Fresh Tilled Soil). The experiences they shared were fantastic and included a slew of resources we'd recommend any agency (or small business for that matter) to check out:




Managing an Agency Business 4.0

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