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Carl Jung Is Your Next Sales Manager

Carl Jung Is Your Next Sales Manager

Carl Jung Is Your Next Sales Manager

If Carl Jung were a sales manager, I'm pretty sure he'd work a little analytical psychology into his sales training strategies. I'm no psychologist, but like anyone remotely involved with marketing, I sure do like 'packaging' ideas into neat little tidbits. I'll tap into Jung's archetype concept and dive into what I've learned about the personalities that drive a sales organization.

Sales vs. Selling

I'd like to play with the idea that Sales and Selling are two different things. Sales is the process an individual undergoes to identify opportunities of value creation for a prospective customer. Selling is all the charm, hustle and magic that closes the actual transaction. I'll cover our sales process in more detail in a future post, but let's dive into Selling and discuss the personalities I've seen succeed:

1. The Prospector

This ‘pound the streets’ type of sales professional looks to the phone and in-person sales meetings as their bread-and-butter. What could be considered ‘old school’ in the world of sales strategies, the prospector focuses all of their efforts on cold-calling and hard-core prospecting. They do really well with rejection and are phenomenal at qualification. They understand and work the sales process and tend to 'live by the numbers' of their sales quota.

2. The Evangelist

A networking master, the Evangelist spreads the gospel via every online and offline marketing channel known to man. Their Rolodex (or Twitter following) is huge and they’re on top of every new trend, steadily injecting your brand in the current zeitgeist. Although they don't focus on the sales process as much as The Prospector they'll drum up new business through sheer passion and personality.

3. The Strategist

The Strategist focuses on education and solving the problems of their clients. They come to the table with a strong understanding of their client's business and focuses on creating solutions to issues they're facing, that will most often involve your product. Although the Strategist might not have a very front-loaded sales pipeline, their close rates are fantastic. They put themselves in the client's shoes each and every time, and always focus on delivering value.


Take more than the two seconds I did to read Carl Jung's Wikipedia page and you'll likely (hopefully) find that archetypes and personalities are never black-and-white. You'll have team members that might be great Evangelists but still have the Strategist chops to close a deal. Ideally you'll find a balance within your team members or across the whole team. Regardless, keep an eye out for these personalities when building out your sales roster.