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Intern's Review of Branding

Ross Beyeler

After being chosen to become part of Growth Spark’s team, I was invited to a business dinner where we would talk about branding and future company goals. We all brainstormed sat around, ate Thai and talked about what the word brand meant to all of us.

For me, branding is, an identity of a product, service, or business.

First, gathering the fuel from our brainstorming the question we have to ask ourselves is, what is the problem and how should we solve it. The information we explored, we concluded that the next phase of our research and development clearly understands what branding means. Branding establishes a common ground or goal within the company. Building a product or service is important to a business in the marketplace. It will create value that differentiates who you are as a company. Bringing our brand personality to the surface we channel a “we” attitude rather than the “I”. This is a team working together continuing to develop an innovative internal company as well as external. Internally changing the brand making it unique. Externally providing businesses a marketing service. The main goals being tackled head on are changing themes, font consistency to the brand, and colors that will lead you wanting more. All these internal points of interest are important to a brand because you do not want to create confusion. By creating confusion in consumer’s minds the message wont be clearly conveyed.

It is crucial that your product stands out through other various media types. A well-branded product or service determines its company’s position in the market place. The image has to be professional and different so unique it stands out among the rest. Having a USP, Unique Selling Proposition will communicate a brand promise, an identity that incorporates logo, and brand identity. While inspiring creative thought in a work environment, the USP of Growth Spark gives new growth providing a marketing service to businesses that are looking to grow online. Promising to build and channel innovative strategies, Growth Spark will value an easy profitable and fun business. Through that online medium it successfully heightens the level of awareness and delivers a clear concise message.

Branding is the most important word to understand in the marketplace. If you do not have a brand you have nothing. Being clear and concise is the key. Less is more. Create a message that allows your brand to stay unique and be ahead of the times. This will create brand loyalty within your target market. Staying true to your brand will not create doubt.  Primarily, branding and what it means to us understanding growth. Growth Spark will continue to question the brand only to maintain a high level of presence online. This will keep the brand fresh and inviting to its consumers, which in the end create brand loyalty among their target.

Amber Goldberg is an Advertising student at The New England Institute of Art. She graduates in August, 2010. As an intern, she assists in industry research, competitive analysis, press release drafting, and implementing client-facing marketing strategies.
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