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A Marketing Intern's Thoughts On Branding

A Marketing Intern's Thoughts On Branding

A Marketing Intern's Thoughts On Branding

I had been looking for a summer internship earlier in the summer when I found that Growth Spark was offering one. I was interested in web marketing and thought the internship would be a great opportunity for me. I applied and was fortunate enough to be chosen as a new intern. To get familiar with the company, I was invited to a business dinner, where we discussed the company, our goals, and some details about the internship. The heart of the discussion revolved around branding.

Branding refers to establishing the identity or image of a company. It can be as simple as designing a logo or as intricate as creating a specific style and structure for all products and literature associated with the company. Our ultimate goal was to have a style that was unique to Growth Spark, one that people will recognize as ours whether they see it on a webpage or a pamphlet. In order to develop this style, our branding has to convey the qualities that define our company: a passion for collaborating with our clients and open, team-oriented discussion on projects.

Prior to this branding meeting, we had already established some key branding elements like the logo that appears on all of our products. At the meeting we debated a new design for business cards and a new stationary for our literature when we realized that it is important to have consistency across these formats. Our fonts, colors, and imagery must be consistent between the webpage and the printed page. Because we need to maintain consistency, we noticed that if we make one change, it leads to more changes. For example, if we were to drastically change the business cards, we would need to change the website. We need to make sure the colors and fonts seen on the card are also seen on the website.

Since one change can lead to many, we needed to establish priorities. We’re a busy, growing company and needed to decide what we can handle at the moment. Realizing this, we agreed that our goal at this point isn’t to completely rebrand or restructure our identity. We don’t have the time or resources for such a project. But after that meeting, we had much more perspective on the process of branding and the role it will play in our future.

Redefining our image will be a complicated matter, but we can start by representing the ideals of Growth Spark through our activities and interactions. These ideals have lead us to create an environment in which everyone has an equal voice, feedback is valued and collaboration is encouraged, and it is these ideals which will guide us in future branding efforts.

Alex Ramirez is an intern at Growth Spark and a Junior at Emmanuel College majoring in English Communications. As an intern, he assists in press release drafting, competitive analysis, industry research and implementing client-facing marketing strategies.