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Freshbooks: The Best in Small Business Invoicing Software

Ross Beyeler

Why We Have to Give Up the Spreadsheet and Start Using Freshbooks: A satisfied customer and evangelist's Freshbooks review.

Freshbooks: The Best in Small Business Accounting Software It's around this time of the year, during tax season, that many entrepreneurs and small businesses ask themselves the following question: "Why the hell am I still using Excel to track my finances?" When we first start our companies or take on our first client, it's far too easy to fall into the trap of using a 'master spreadsheet' to manage all of our accounting. An income statement looks pretty simple when you have one revenue source and minimal expenses (usually just coffee from Starbucks). However - and hopefully - things will start growing for your company and you need something a bit more sophisticated to measure the bottom line. May we present to you: Freshbooks.

Freshbooks is an online time tracking and invoicing software that virtually replaces a bookkeeper (sorry to all my friends in accounting). It lets you track your expenses, invite contractors and staff to track their time, accept online payments with most major payment gateways and create branded invoices that are pretty impressive. Of course, all of these features come standard with any online small business accounting software, of which there are plenty out there. What really differentiates Freshbooks is their customer service.

When it came time for us to make our final decision as to which small business invoicing software to use, we decided to test the claims of each software product and contact their respective companies. What amazed us was that Freshbooks publicly and proudly display their customer service phone number - What's that Google? Provide your customers a way to call you directly and talk to a human being? No!! - and so we decided to call them and ask a few questions. I was blown away that not only did someone pick up the phone but they answered each of my twenty detailed and annoying questions (extensive due diligence we call it) without trying to upsell me or point me back to their website. At first, I thought it was a fluke, but decided to sign up anyway and give their invoicing software the real usability test.

Freshbooks Online Invoicing Software Screenshot

To date, Freshbooks has continued to amaze me. It's a great product with great support - something a lot of web applications are missing. I can go on and on about them, but would recommend you try them out yourself. I'm sure they would be happy to field your annoying phone calls just like mine!

Growth Spark is not affiliated with Freshbooks, just a whole-hearted enthusiast. We would appreciate discounts on our monthly subscription, however, and if you feel like our review helped you make the decision to go with Freshbooks, we'd appreciate it if you signed up with our Freshbooks referral link.
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