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4 Holiday Conversion Rate Best Practices

4 Holiday Conversion Rate Best Practices

4 Holiday Conversion Rate Best Practices

The clock is ticking on the holiday shopping season. Hopefully, you’re crushing it. In the event that conversion rates could be better, check out these 4 do-it-today UX optimizations with examples from E-Commerce titans. 

1. Use Landing Pages: If you’re running Facebook Ads and directing traffic straight to your site, put up a quick offer page - Perhaps one with a holiday deal of some sort. Offer pages and other landing pages will very often outproduce direct to homepage or product page traffic. They also offer incredible upside in respect to multi-variate testing. Need help setting up a rockin’ landing page template? We can help.

Image Source - Winc

2. Add Seasonal Skinning: Add seasonal skinning and seasonally appropriate lifestyle photography to your site and social media channels. This has been proven to get people in the buying mood. Bonus points for incorporating happy human faces into your creative.

Image Source - Gap

3. Feature Free Shipping: Free shipping wins the day against the alternative. Try offering free shipping over a certain dollar figure to boost average transaction size. Also, where possible try to reassure online buyers that they’ll receive their order prior to the holidays. With the clock ticking, providing this reassurance and delivering on it is huge. 

Image Source - Nordstrom

Image Source - West Elm

4. Promote Gift Cards: Gift cards make for a potent way to increase per transaction customer spend. How many people do you know who (outside of the ubiquitous starbucks card) spend 75$ of a giftcard and save the 25 bucks for later? Nah. Most people will try to spend the full amount of the gift card. The return rate also is way lower, a help during the post-holiday return rush. Shopify offers robust gift card tools but allowing your design to emphasize gift card sales can pay off big! 

Image Source - LL Bean

Need help adding this kind of stuff to your Shopify site? We can help you optimize for the stretch run in a matter of days. 

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